Pain Management

Legal drugs, prescribed for pain management by a doctor, may become a problem got you. Addiction to an opiate can start with a real need for relief from pain. Any one, from any level of society, can become addicted to pain relievers like opiates. But, as the body gets used to the pain pills being taken, a tolerance develops, and pills with higher and higher levels of the drug are needed to stop the pain. Even if the pain goes away, a dependence to the medication can develop, and the pain pills may become a need on their own.

An addiction to pain pills grows over the weeks, months and years, and eventually takes over your life. The fact that the pills are legal and are prescribed for you by a doctor may blunt your awareness of the problem. If you think you may have an opiate addiction, don’t wait—call our Orlando Treatment Center at (407) 434-9431 right now.

It’s difficult to stop taking these pain pills once you become physically dependent on them. Don’t try withdrawal on your own—doing so may be physically dangerous to you because of the nature of withdrawal symptoms. Our opiate detox program, run by fully-qualified medical staff, will keep you safe and will help you to deal with any of the pain that was the original cause for getting a prescription for pain pills. We also treat any emotional problems that may result from a dependence on pain pills.

The pain that was the original symptom that caused the prescription of pain pills may still be present. Whatever the situation, the first step is to take care of the addiction, and the next is to help you deal with the pain. The original pain may have, in fact, faded away, but a physical dependency may now exist that causes a different kind of pain when the pills are no longer taken. We provide many ways to manage pain through holistic therapies and without the use of narcotics.

Our Treatment Center offers many non-narcotic pain management systems, the teaching of which do not begin until the end of the detox process. Our pain treatments include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Psychotherapy for pain
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) psychotherapy
  • Exercising methods and practice
  • Nutrition

Many people can become addicted to pain pills because of the intial need for relief from pain. We all can understand that. But, what many people do not understand is the fear that, if the pain pills are discontinued, the pain may return. We help former pain pill addicts to discover and use narcotic-free pain solutions to control their pain, control their dependency, and restore some hope to your life.

Don’t wait another day. People who need help in the Orlando, Florida area should call The Treatment Center at (407) 434-9431 today. In the programs there, you’ll learn respect, responsibility and self-esteem, all essential elements of a treatment program that will hep you succeed in fighting an opiate pain pill addiction.


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